Screenplays by Stephen Arthur

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Big Breaks

1986. This black comedy provides a surreal caricature of psychosomatic neurosis and magical thinking in the world of struggling wanabee screenwriters and struggling wanabee producers—an idiosyncratic view of the comical despair of independent film production far from Hollywood in the 1980s.

The Wonderman Effect

1985. A historical record of the screenplay-writing process on a typewriter in the 1980s. Hardcore science fiction movie script uncompleted and turned into the treatment for The Prometheus Effect.

Critical Mass

1983-88. A homicide detective pursuing a serial killer enters a world of nuclear terrorism and chemical pollution insidiously affecting our minds, with a message and metaphor for the modern world.

Getting It

1982-83. An astronomer who searches for love the same way he searches for stars gets entangled with a female journalist who doesn’t believe in love and is profiling the antics of his backfiring relationships. Comedy.

'Critical Mess'

1980. Dark farce with surreal and absurd elements and a homemade atomic bomb.


1979. A cult deprogrammer establishes a new cult for the purpose of exposing it all as false; problem drama; psychology; faith; skepticism.


1977. A psychiatrist experiments on himself with a drug that produces schizophrenia. First three pages are lost.


The Prometheus Effect

1985. Believe it or not, this story was actually written PRIOR to the publishing of Carl Sagan's Contact (1985) and Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park (1990), which used the same major plot elements that were first written here, but this story also takes things much, much further than did Sagan and Crichton.

Pandora's Hope

1984. A betrayed female scientist acts to prevent nuclear war in the cold-war era of Regan's "Star Wars". Originally intended for Daryl Hannah.

The Catalyst

1983. TV series. A man confronted with his younger clones feels regret and self-loathing and embarks on a crusade to change their characters while on the lam from a sinister eugenics organization. Based on the short script Take Two.


1981. Classic comedy. The underdogs are alarm installers; contrasting and parallel actions between the rich, clean homes and “behind the scenes" in the crawl spaces, wall passages, and attics are developed to the hilt.


Take Two

1982. Taking place in the present day, an old man confronted with his younger adult clone experiences self-loathing and a vicarious change of character through his effect on the younger clone -- psychodrama in the Twilight Zone. The story starts with the developments 30 years before that led this man to arrange for women to give birth to and raise clones of himself.

The First Psychonaut

1981. Mission Control and psychedelics: a pioneer is on a voyage into inner space. A silly parody suitable for Saturday Night Live.

New Horizons Ltd

1979. Science fiction speculating on the future. Designed for production as a student film. Four drafts are included, from earliest rough draft to final draft, showing the evolution of a screenplay.

Biographical statement in 2020

I have a Master of Fine Arts in cinema (film production) from the University of Southern California in 1981.  I authored six feature screenplays, a few shorts, and many treatments during a time that you could still try to pitch a development deal. Three options were sold in Los Angeles. Later I got a Master of Science degree in Neuroscience. And then I directed fine-art animation short films for the National Film Board of Canada.

My scripts were written on a typewriter. Only two have been laboriously OCRed and reconstructed; the others are only scanned and OCRed as searchable images. My material is posted here as historical reference, as my legacy, so to speak, as I fade away into old age…

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