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Stephen X. Arthur 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. email:

Summary: Independent and sponsored films. My body of work over a period of 34 years includes animated, experimental, and narrative short films as well as full-length screenplays. For ten years I produced digital films using experimental bitmap animation, photo-based hybrid media, meta-morphing, and virtual cinematography.  [Now retired from creating.]

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 Master of Fine Arts in film production - University of Southern California, 1981

M.Sc. (Neuroscience), B.Sc. (Zoology) - University of British Columbia, 1990, 1977

Filmography (see also: My Films)

 2003 Tran Scan (Distribor CFMDC; online e-store )
- 8 min., DVD anamorphic widescreen 16:9 - experimental animated documentary ("virtual cinematography"). Indep. prod'n  - Canada Council for the Arts Film Production Grant

  2001 Blind Man
- 0:15, video, a hybrid-media animated commercial spot that applies the techniques developed in Vision Point and The Recess; indep. prod'n

 2000 Vision Point II; Fall Forward Spring Back; Perception Play
- 7 min., video, prototype studies in experimental bitmap animation  Indep. prod'n  - Canada Council for the Arts Creative Development Grant

 1999 Vision Point (Distribors: CFMDC, Moving Images Microcinema, RESFEST)
- 1:20, video, avant-garde animation - "landscape pixilation", indep. prod'n  - Canada Council for the Arts Creative Development Grant

 1998 Transfigured (Distributor: NFBC) (Circ: Vancouver & Burnaby Public Libraries)
- 5:30, 35 mm, fine-art animation, computer, National Film Board of Canada production

 1996 Touched Alive (Distrib. [past]: Moving Images) (Circ: Van. Public Library)
- 1:45, 35 mm, fine-art animation, computer, indep. prod'n

 1995 The Recess (Distributor: Maple Lake Releasing)
- 1:37, video, experimental narrative, character animation, computer, indep. prod'n

 1995 Area 7, Arch Rivals, and and Presto Agitato (play clip)
- 1:35, video, three experimental computer-animation studies - indep. prod'n

 1994 Hybrid Vigour
- 2:13, video, surrealist animation, computer, independent production

 1992-93 Dance in M Minor, Gesture, Fetish Dance, & Mountain Pass Variation & Mountain Pass Variation
- 4:30, video, four surrealist computer-animation studies - indep. prod'n

 1980 Look Twice
- 8 min., 16 mm, experimental drama, U. Southern California, thesis film

 1978 Breakfall
- 8 min., 16 mm, drama, Simon Fraser University 4th year production workshop

 1978 Splitstream (Distributor: Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution West)
- 10 min., 16 mm, experimental, indep. prod'n, Canada Council Film Production Grant

 1977 Over A New Leaf (Distributors: CFDW, PEMC)
- 18 min., 16 mm, educational, sponsored by West Van. Parks Board, assisted by NFB

 1976 REM
- 32 min., 16 mm, surrealist, U. British Columbia / indep. prod'n

 1975 Anizen (Distributors: Vancouver Film Council, CFDW)
- 7 min., 16 mm, fine art animation, cel, cameraless, rotoscope, etc, UBC / indep. prod'n

 1972 Animartian (Distributor: UBC Faculty Education - Media Dept.)
- 10 min, 16 mm, cel, cutout, & stop-motion animation, for UBC Faculty of Education

 1970/71 Absurdo (Distributors: Van. School Board, Vancouver Film Council)
- 4 min, 16 mm, surrealistic character animation on paper, indep. prod'n, Vancouver School Board assist.

 1969-1970 - Early films on Super-8mm & audio tape:
The Pulsating Universe (educational scientific visualization, stop-motion)
The Wrinkled Camel (pixilation and stop motion)
Discontinued (experimental documentary)

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Exhibitions & Broadcasts

  • Moving Pictures: Canadian Films on Tour 2004 - Tran Scan 2-min. edit on 35mm licensed as theatrical trailer
  • Kinetica-3, the iotaCenter's traveling exhibition of abstract film/video - USA & world, 2001-2002 (Transfigured)
  •  DVD RELEASE:  "Best of RESFEST Shorts Vol. 1" 2001 (Vision Point)

  • Canadian Animation Retrospective, Casa da Animacao, Porto, Portugal, 2001 (Vision Point)

  • Artropolis 2001 exhibition of contemporary art in BC -- curated section by Maija Martin entitled "Super Natural" - April 7 to 28 at the CBC-TV studios, Vancouver. (Vision Point)
  • Animation World Network - Art and Animation Showcase - Affiliate Animator's Gallery for Stephen X. Arthur established March 2001.
  • "Best of the Northwest 2001" touring program, Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, etc (Vision Point)
  • "Independent Exposure" touring program curated by Microcinema, Inc./Blackchair Productions, 2000 - present* (Vision Point) .....[*including:  Garsouille, France ( Transat Video); Park City, Utah (Nodance FMF 4 ); Singapore ( The Substation " Moving Images"); Boston ( Zeitgeist Gallery); Washington DC ( Psychotronic Film Society); University of Miami ("Cinema Vortex"); Novi Sad, Yugoslavia (Video Medeja); Newcastle ,Australia ("electrofringe"); Ithaca College, New York; Houston, Texas (Firestation #3); Anchorage, Alaska (Out North); Paris, France ("Project 101"); Barcelona (Ind. Cin. Fest.); Ann Arbour, Michigan ("Cinema Slam"); Paris & Berlin (Recontres internationales).]
  • "Homage to the National Film Board of Canada" ("Homage d' ONF: inepuisable pepiniere de talents"), AFCA Animatheque, Paris, France, Sept 21, 2000. (Transfigured)

  • HOME VIDEO: "100% Independent: A Selection of 17 Canadian animated short films, 1980-2000" produced by ASIFA-Canada and launched at Ottawa 00 International Animation Festival, September 2000. Contact: Lucie Charbonneau, 514-283-9806, Montreal. (Vision Point)
  • "Image and Light, History and Influence: Film and Photographic Works, Vancouver," Pacific Cinematheque and Charles Scott Gallery, curated by Anne Pollock, Nov. 2000 (Transfigured)
  • on streaming web-video from Ottawa 00 (Vision Point)
  • "Frozen Moments: Implications of the Digital Revolution on Independent Animation in Canada" - Films and panel discussion presented by Quickdraw Animation Society - at Indep. Film/Video Alliance AGM, Edmonton, Alberta, at Ottawa 00 International Animation Festival and in Vancouver (Vision Point & Transfigured)), 2000
  • The Blinding Light! underground cinema in Vancouver August 2000 as prefeature short (Vision Point)
  • "Here is There, There is Anywhere: Canadian Animation at the Turn of the Century" - curated by Chris Robinson; Vietnam (March), Fredrikstad Norway (May), Vancouver (April), Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, 2000 (Vision Point)
  • Cinematheque Ontario (Toronto) - "Independents" series, April 5, 2000 (Vision Point)
  • BROADCAST: KNOW TV (BC, Canada), Feb 5 & April 11, 2000 (Transfigured)
  • "Forum on Violence in Educational Institutions," Winnipeg (Canada), March, 2000 (The Recess)
  • National Gallery of Canada - in NFB Animation Art touring exhibition, Ottawa, October 1999 (Transfigured)
  • "Celebration of BC Animation: Retrospective of a Quarter Century of Independent Animation,"  Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, 1999. (Transfigured)
  • Rockefeller Center Video Wall, New York - in repeated International Animation Program, April-June, 1999 (Transfigured)
  • BROADCAST: BBC Personal Passions series, "Desmond Morris - The Surrealist," 1999 (Hybrid Vigour clip clip)
  • BROADCAST LICENSES 1999/2000 in Germany, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, and Korea. In Canada: KNOW TV (BC) and Saskatchewan Communications. In USA: status unknown. (Transfigured)
  • Vancouver Art Gallery "Memorial for Jack Shadbolt," Judge MacGill Theatre, 1999 (Transfigured) -- -- BROADCAST live on Rogers Cable Community 4 (repeated program).
  • Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto - one-person video repeat, 1998 (Transfigured)
  • Cinematheque Quebecois (Montreal) & Pacific Cinematheque (Vancouver), "Recent Independent Canadian Animation," 1998 (Touched Alive)
  • "Best of the Northwest" touring film show (Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, Montana), 1997 (Touched Alive)
  • Black Maria touring film show (21 USA states plus Montreal), 1997 (Touched Alive)
  • Moving Pictures touring film show (western Canada), 1997 (Touched Alive)
  • BROADCAST: Teletoon Channel Splat! Series - "National Film Board" segment, 1997, repeating (Touched Alive)
  • Spike and Mike's 20th Festival of Animation touring film show, 1997 (Touched Alive)
  • Artropolis 97: "Browser" - artists' exhibition & CD-ROM, 1997 (Touched Alive, The Recess, Hybrid Vigour)
  • BROADCAST: CBC "Canadian Reflections," 1996 (and ongoing interstitials) (Touched Alive)
  • Vancouver International Airport - Big Screen continuous showing through December, 1996 (Touched Alive)
  • Commercial cinemas in Vancouver - seven screens simultaneously for three weeks as prefeature short, at The Park, The Varsity, and Fifth Avenue Cinemas (multiplex), Festival Cinemas indep. chain, November 1996 (Touched Alive)
  • Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver, & Burnaby Art Gallery, 1996 - one-person video repeats (Touched Alive)
  • Edison Electric Gallery of Moving Images: "Shifting Perspectives: The Animation of Stephen Arthur," - one-person compilation-video repeating installation, Vancouver, July 6 - Aug 3, 1995 (Hybrid Vigour, The Recess, Presto Agitato, etc)
  • BROADCAST: Independent Film Channel 34 New York, 1995 (Hybrid Vigour, The Recess, Presto Agitato)
  • BROADCAST: KWSU-TV in "The Animated World," 1995 (Hybrid Vigour)
  • BROADCAST: Weird TV, 1995 (Presto Agitato, The Recess, Hybrid Vigour)
  • BROADCASTS: Knowledge Network "Schools TV," 1995-96 (Hybrid Vigour, The Recess, & studies from '95)
  • BROADCASTS: Rogers Community 4 "Production Parade," 1993 (Hybrid Vigour & studies from '93)
  • BROADCASTS: Rogers Community 4 "Production Parade," 1992 (Anizen, Look Twice, REM)
  • BROADCAST: CBC - Bob Switzer Show, 1978 (Over a New Leaf)
  • BROADCASTS: Rogers Community 4, 1976-78 (REM, Absurdo, Anizen)

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Festivals and Awards 

Tran Scan (independent production)

Vision Point (independent production):

  • Canadian Film Centre's Worldwide Short Film Festival ,Toronto 2001
  • Nomad VideoFilm Festival touring Seattle, Portland, SF, Berkley, June 2001
  • 27th Northwest Film and Video Festival (Portland, Oregon, USA) 2000
  • 3rd Vancouver Underground Film Festival, (BC, Canada) 2000
  • Ottawa '00 International Animation Festival (1) Vision Point in the Independent Short Films Competition, (2) Vision Point II in the Independent Short Films Competition (renamed for the festival from the previous working title of Creative Development Part Two.), and (3) Fall Forward, Spring Back ("Vision Point3") in the New Canadian Panorama program; September 19-24, 2000
  • 16th International Hamburg Short Film Festival, Germany 2000.
  • Regensburg Film Festival, Germany, 2000
  • Bellevue Art Museum Film and Video Festival (Seattle Washington USA), 2000
  • RESFEST Digital Film Festival touring at San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts; Seattle Cinerama, London The Ritzy; Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art; New York City Tishman Auditorium at New School; Los Angeles Egyptian Theatre, Writers Guild Theatre, Directors Guild; Seoul Ho-Am Art Hall; Tokyo Laforet Museum Harajuku; Osaka MBS Hall; Sept - Dec, 2000
  • Planet in Focus: Toronto Environmental Film and Video Festival, Sept, 2000
  • Hollywood Shorts "Spotlight on Animation," Los Angeles, September, 2000
  • Motion Arts Festival (Los Osos, California), USA, 2000
  • Festival Der Nationen, Ebensee, Austria, 2000
  • 5th Sea to Sky Film Festival (Squamish, BC), Sept. 2000
  • The Charged 60 Second Film Festival - (New York, USA), May 2000; screened in side venue at Sundance Film Festival, (Utah, USA), 2000.
  •  Animert Dager: the Nordic Baltic Animation Festival - "Canada Now" program, Norway, 2000
  • Black Maria Film & Video Festival (USA - Director's Citation), 2000
  • Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival (BC, Canada), 2000
  • Eureka Springs Film Festival (Arkansas, USA), 2000
  • (see also Exhibitions section)

Transfigured (NFBC production):

  • Reel to Real Film Festival and workshops, Vancouver, 2001
  • Award for Best Musical Score, and Nomination for Best Director, Animated Production, at the BC Film and Television Industry Leo Awards , May 2000.
  • World Animation Celebration - Official Competition (Los Angeles), 2000.
  • Annecy International Animation Festival - Festival Favorites (France), 1999
  • Silver Award for Animation - New York Exposition of Short Film and Video (USA), 1999
  • Golden Sheaf Nominations for Animation and Sound - Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival (Sask., Canada), 1999
  • New York Animation Festival - Digital Program (USA), 1999
  • Hiroshima '98 International Animation Festival in Japan - Official Competition, 1998
  • Montreal World Film Festival - Official Competition (Canada - Quebec), 1998
  • Ottawa '98 International Animation Festival - New Canadian Animation (Canada), 1998
  • "Best of Ottawa '98" Showcase, Toronto and Germany, 1998
  • Cartoon: The Swiss International Animated Film Festival (Mendrislo), 1998
  • Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival (Canada), 1999
  • Taos Talking Picture Festival (New Mexico, USA), 1999
  • New Zealand Film Festival, 1999
  • Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia), 1999
  • Brisbane International Film Festival (Australia), 1999
  • Czechoslovakian International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Zlin), 1999
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival, 1999
  • San Diego World Film Festival (USA - Calif.), 1999
  • Maryland Film Festival (USA - Baltimore), 1999
  • Cleveland International Film Festival (Ohio, USA), 1999
  • Victoria Independent Film Festival - NFB 60th Anniversary Retrospective (BC, Canada), 1999
  • Central Florida Film and Video Festival (Orlando, USA), 1999
  • Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada), 1998
  • Quebec International Film Festival (Quebec City, Canada), 1998

Touched Alive (independent production):

  • International Festival of Films on Art (Montreal, Canada), 1997
  • Berlin International Film Festival - Panorama (Germany), 1997
  • Spike and Mike's 20th Festival of Animation (USA), 1997
  • Juror's Citation Award - Black Maria Film/Video Festival (USA - Jersey City, NJ), 1997
  • Judge's Award - Northwest Film & Video Festival (USA - Portland, OR), 1996
  • Festival of Festivals: Toronto International Film Festival - Panorama (Canada), 1996
  • Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax, Canada), 1996
  • Jury Award - New York Exposition of Short Film and Video, 1996
  • Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada), 1996
  • Best Animation - Sea to Sky Film Festival (Squamish, BC, Canada), 1996
  • Video Rampage (Video In, Vancouver, Canada), 1996

Previous independent productions:

  • Eureka Springs Film Festival (Arkansas, USA) 2000, (Hybrid Vigour)
  • Northwest Film and Video Festival (USA - Portland, WA), 1995 (Hybrid Vigour)
  • Nomad Video Festival (USA - Seattle, San Francisco), 1995 (Hybrid Vigour, The Recess)
  • Olympia Film Festival - "Cine-X" program (USA - Olympia, WA), 1995 (The Recess)
  • Canadian International Film/Video Festival (Halifax), 1995 (Hybrid Vigour, The Recess)
  • Video Rampage (Video In, Vancouver Canada), 1994 (Hybrid Vigour)
  • Festival of Five, Vancouver (Canada), 1994 (Hybrid Vigour)
  • First Prize (Experimental) - Long Island International Film Festival (USA), 1979 (Splitstream)
  • Fred A. Niles Communication award - Chicago International Film Festival, 1979 (Splitstream)

Independent "student films" (prior to film school), 1971-1976:

  • First prize (post-secondary) - 8th Annual British Columbia Student Film Festival, 1976 REM
  • "Best of show"- 8th Annual B.C. Student Film Festival, 1976, REM
  • First prize (post-secondary)- 7th Annual British Columbia Student Film Festival, 1975, Anizen
  • "Best of show"- 7th Annual B.C. Student Film Festival, 1975, Anizen
  • First prize (post-secondary)- 6th Annual British Columbia Student Film Festival, 1974, Animartian
  • First prize (secondary) - Canadian Film Awards for Young Filmmakers (Motion Canada), 1976 Absurdo
  • First prize (secondary)- Canadian Student Film Festival (Famous Players), 1971 Absurdo
  • First prize (secondary)- Vancouver Student Film Festival, 1971 Absurdo
  • Second prize (secondary) - Pacific Northwest Film Festival, 1970 Absurdo

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Presentations and Juries

  • Workshop on Experimental Bitmap Animation presented at Ottawa 00 International Animation Festival, Canada, Sept 2000
  • The "Frozen Moments" program of independent animation films and panel discussion curated by QAS at both the Ottawa 00 International Animation Festival and at the Independent Film and Video Alliance 2000 National Conference on Media Arts: "That Digital Thing" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2000
  • Panel discussion on Independent Animation at Ottawa 00 International Animation Festival, 2000
  • Jury for National Film Board of Canada's Award for Best Animated Film, Vancouver International Film Festival, 1999
  • Guest Speaker: "The Making of Vision Point" (and other works in progress), Vancouver Film School, Multimedia Campus, 1999
  • Guest Speaker & curator, "Abstract Animation," Center for Digital Imaging & Sound, 1998
  • Guest Speaker, "Tribute to Jack Shadbolt & Making of Transfigured", Artists for Kids Gallery, 1998
  • BROADCAST: Interview, demonstration, screening, "Studio BC" profile, Knowledge Network, 1997
  • Guest Speaker, Vancouver Film School, Multimedia Campus, 1996 & 1998
  • Guest Speaker & curator, "Experimental Animation," ASIFA-Canada Vancouver Chapter, 1995
  • Guest Speaker, "Dramatizing Information," Society for Technical Communication, Vancouver, 1984
  • BROADCAST: Interview and screening, CBC - Bob Switzer Show, 1978 (Over a New Leaf)
  • BROADCAST: Interview (with screenings), Rogers Community 4, 1976

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Commissions, Grants, Fellowships

  • Canada Council for the Arts - Production Grant to Film/Video Artist, 2002 (Tran Scan, $55,000)
  • Canada Council for the Arts - Travel Grant for presentations, panels, and competition screenings as a guest of the Ottawa 00 International Animation Festival, 2000
  • Canada Council for the Arts - Creative Development Grant to Individual Artist in Media Arts (Film), 1999 ($20,000)
  • National Film Board of Canada - "Investigate" and "Research & Script"  - $80,000 development contracts for original film series, "Earth Moves," 1998-2000
  • National Film Board of Canada travel grant to attend as guest of the Hiroshima 98 International Animation Festival in Japan (Transfigured)
  • Commission to expand independent fine-art animation film as full National Film Board Production, 1996, $50,000 (Touched Alive becomes part of Transfigured)
  • Independent production sold outright to the National Film Board of Canada for $20,000, 1996 (Touched Alive)
  • National Film Board of Canada Program to Assist Filmmakers in the Private Sector, 1996 (Touched Alive)
  • Commissioned script: Justice Institute of BC promotional dramatizations, 1987
  • Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1979 (to attend USC)
  • William Rea Fellowship in Television, 1978 (to attend USC)
  • Canada Council Film Production Grant, 1978 (Splitstream)
  • NFBC Program to Assist Filmmakers in the Private Sector, 1977 (Over a New Leaf)
  • Commissioned film: West Vancouver Parks & Recreation, 1977 (Over a New Leaf)
  • Commissioned manuscript: science textbook using a novel flowchart presentation, OFY grant, 1975
  • Commissioned film: UBC Faculty of Education, Dept. of Audiovisual Media, 1972 (Animartian)

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Other Relevant Experience

  • Original feature-length screenplays: Big Breaks, 1986 (satire); Critical Mass, 1983 (thriller) option to produce sold to MTA/Persik Productions, Los Angeles, 1987; Getting It, 1982 (romantic comedy) option to produce sold to R&K Productions/Rudy Romero, L.A., 1982; "Critical Mess", 1980 (dark farce) option to produce sold to Licht-Mueller Films, L.A., 1980; Placebo, 1979 (problem drama); and Eclipse, 1977 (visionary drama).  Eight treatments including The Prometheus Effect and The Catalyst (1983, a problem-drama TV-series pilot based on a short psychological sci-fi script, Take Two, 1982). 
  • Instructor: "Writing for Film, Television and Radio," 2 semesters, Institute for Communication Arts (Vancouver), 1984, 1987
  • Copy Writer: six radio spots (comedy). Client: Bikes on Broadway. Producer: Massey Productions, 1985
  • Photography exhibition, Amelia Douglas Gallery, August 1995
  • Wildlife photography: "Duck Hybrids and Variants in Greater Vancouver," Discovery 23:1, 1994 
  • Textbook (originator and co-author): From Above The Web - Original concept of presenting the ideas of science as interconnected visual flowcharts with essays on each node of the chart. Authored the chapters on Biology, Chemistry, and Subatomic Physics. Unpublished, 400 pages, 1975.
  • Anna Wyman Dance Company - one-month, full-time, intensive Contemporary Dance Workshop, including choreography of short dance for six dancers, publicly presented, Shawnigan Lake Summer School for the Arts, B.C., 1974.
  • Technical Writing: Video scripts: BC Ministry of Forests (Nutec Training/Black Tusk Video); BC Cancer Research Center; Fisheries Council of BC (BCIT A/V Prod. Dept); BC Children's Hospital (Biomedical Communications); Hillsborough Resources (Shane Lunny Prod.); Trans Atlantic Resources (Mott Communications); BC Central Credit Union (Vidatron Prod.). User manuals & public information: Hughes Canada Systems Division; BC Ministry of Forests; Glenayre Electronics; Mobile Data International; Sydney Development Corporation; McDonald Dettwiler and Associates; Spectrum Signal Processing; BC Ministry of Social Services and Housing; BC Hydro Trades Training and Development; Justice Institute of BC; Science World BC; BC Medical Association.

Curriculum Vitae - Stephen X. Arthur

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