Vancouver, BC, Canada

manuals, reports, proposals, SOPs, scientific writing, technical editing, 
video scripts

Freelance Technical Writer on contract
Stephen X. Arthur, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.F.A

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Recent clients: BC Transmission (power system engineering), CHC Helicopters (safety and quality assurance), Healthy Heart Society (health care), Ministry of Health (medical office practice), E-Comm 9-1-1 (emergency responders), ImageMaker (mining exploration), Image and Microscope Technology (biomedical scientific imaging software), BC Mineral, Oil and Gas (energy sector), NFB (geology), AeroStrategies (aerospace engineering).

Old page below: client list to 2000 only.


Spectrum Signal Processing
User guide and online help for Envoy, an integrated sound/fax/modem/ answering-machine PC expansion board, with associated software

Glenayre Electronics - Engineering Dept.
Operator's, Supervisor's, and Manager's Manuals for a commercial answering-service system. Supervised complete documentation for installation, operation, and maintenance of a digital paging system

Mobile Data International
Product documentation, from component-level maintenance to user guide

Sydney Development Corporation
User manual for a stockbroker's software application

McDonald Dettwiler and Associates
Validated documentation for a  meteorological analysis system



B.C. Ministry of Forests
Participant's and Trainer's Guides for the Resource Inventory Skills Training Curriculum .

Hughes Canada Systems Division -- Product Support
Directive for developing and conducting training programs for the Air Traffic Control industry.

B.C. Hydro -- Trades Training and Development
Training manual for power system journeymen.



B.C. Ministry of Forests - series of training videos on field sampling procedures

B.C. Cancer Research Centre - Terry Fox Lab - training video

Fisheries Council of B.C. - training video for canning plants

B.C. Children's Hospital - introduction to occupational therapy 

Hillsborough Resources - promotional video on mining properties

Trans Atlantic Resources - promotional video on mining properties

B.C. Central Credit Union - staff training video

Justice Institute of B.C. - dramatization video of Police and Fire Academy training