films by Stephen Arthur
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 Look Twice

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 ~~ © SXA 1978
A split screen shows two tightly synchronized, "impossible" shots of the same scene: a moving POV camera showing what the central character is looking at, and a stationary wide shot, both framing the entire action simultaneously. The deliberate positioning of the static, detached view above the erratic, close-up subjective POV of the central character lends an uneasy feeling to it. In the first still, from the start of the film, we see the central character's dream before he wakes up and comes out onto his balcony in the top screen (the bottom screen becomes his POV looking out the window, in sync with the top view.) Awarded First Prize (Experimental) in the Long Island International Film Festival, 1979, and Fred A. Niles Communication award at the Chicago International Film Festival, 1979


Inside a burnt-out church ( paired stills from a shot tilting upwards) as rain spatters on the balcony, burnt-out rafters arch above, and the floor sags below. The stain-glass window to the side, not seen here, is an advertisement for travel on a salvation spaceship to the planet Artin Seven.

Timing the Difference Between Good and Bad: The clown conducts a chemistry experiment on a balloon dog.

Operating on a hotdog: the Surgeon's Assistant is also the Master of Ceremonies.

The dreamer awakes and finds a parking meter in his bedroom.

 © SXA 1976

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