"Blind Man" (:15)

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What does the blind man see? A whole city rocks and rolls! Stop motion animation makes the city of Vancouver dance in 3D time-lapse.  The blind man is a familiar face you've never seen...

A film by Stephen Arthur. Info below.




Reel duration: 2 minutes
Format: Betacam SP & VHS (NTSC)

Stephen's show reel

Stephen X. Arthur, filmmaker
experimental bitmap animation
digital photo-based hybrid media
virtual cinematography & meta-morphing

1. "Blind Man"  (:15) - spot for noise-canceling headphones

The prototypical blind musician's face was created as a kind of immediately recognizable icon (without literally depicting a specific person) by morphing a composite of three celebrities from published photos.  Facial expressions were animated by 2D warping.

The traveling, squashed-perspective, time-lapse imagery was shot with a 35-mm still camera and reanimated.  No artificial layering was used to create this effect.

Key-frame animation, visual effects, compositing, and sound mix/edit in Adobe After Effects.

CREDITS: Film by SXA. Special thanks to Bruce Alcock at Global Mechanic. 2001 SXA


2. Transfigured - animation of paintings by Jack Shadbolt (excerpt 1:06)

Paintings deconstructed, extended, composited, morphed and animated using DOS applications 1994-1998. Recorded to 35mm film by shooting off the computer monitor frame by frame with an Oxberry animation camera.

CREDITS: Transfigured conceived, directed, and animated by SXA, original paintings by Jack Shadbolt,  producer George Johnson, associate producer SXA, executive producer Svend-Erik Eriksen,  sound design by SXA, music by Jean-Luc Perron, produced by the National Film Board of Canada 1998.


 3. Vision Point - landscape animation (excerpt :38)

This traveling, squashed-perspective, time-lapse animation (pixilation, stop-motion) was shot with a 35-mm still camera and reanimated.  No artificial layering or compositing was used to create this effect. Sound in After Effects. Shot across Western Canada.

CREDITS: Vision Point by SXA, supported by The Canada Council for the Arts, 1999 SXA


Stephen X. Arthur  email: sxarthurATshaw.ca
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada




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