"Earth Moves" 

(a.k.a. "The Accelerated Earth")
(Corresponds to the Final Draft screenplay)
Storyboard by Stephen X. Arthur for photorealistic 3D CGI production.
Researched, designed, & drawn by SXA. 

Read TOP Left to Right, BOTTOM Left to Right
NUMBER UNDER EACH FRAME SHOWS TIME IN "MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO", corresponding to the time-counting "odometer" on screen

GO TO SELECTED PAGE EXCERPTS (linked in sequence):

1: Quebec/Atlantic - Breakup of Pangea (5 pages)

2: BC/Yukon - Birth of the West (6 pages)

3: Alberta/Sask. - The Ice Age (5 pages)

4: Manitoba/Ontario. - Aftermath of the Ice (4 pages)

5: Global Orientation - The Supercontinent Cycle (8 pages)

Broken lines in global views show submerged continental shelf,
which may be rendered lighter in the film.
Read treatment and outline
Read screenplay

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